Repurposed Objects

Let’s get your hands into creating a sculpture out of old technology….then photograph it! 

STEP 1 –only use items that are products of old technology. Some suggestions but not limited to… VHS tapes, cases, vinyl records, cassette tapes, Walkman, CD discs, 35mm film, old cell phones (older the better).

Limit the objects to 3 types of objects but use use as many of each type as needed. 

STEP 2 – Dismantle / Deconstruct Reconstruct into a new object, not related to the original theme. Select an actual object.  

Suggestion: work from nature, life things. 

In my project I used VHS tapes, 35mm film and a screen from a CPU. I started dismantling the VHS tapes and cases. I started cutting out petals and leaves from the inner plastic holder and cut strips from the outer cover jackets. I used a quilling technique which was later applied to the base of the sculpture. I hand cut butterflies out of the 35mm film. With the VHS tape, the door hinge part, I melted the plastic using a candle and shaped it into a tree branch. I used the CPU screen to make the individual antennas for the butterflies. The petals and flowers were also melted. I found the best glue to use to hold it together and quickly dry was a hot glue gun except for the antennas for the butterflies, I used crazy glue. 

All my photos were taken with an iPhone 6s+. 

Enjoy being creative and have fun! 

Title of my sculpture: “Memories Enclosed….Handle with Care”

Artist Inspiration:  Jean Shin

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